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Jenemann Archive Project

Image Archive


The current state of the project is that all images have been scanned, tidied up where necessary, and archived in a database. This makes them searchable and allows attaching data and information to the pictures where available.


We are making this accessible over the internet freely to people who are interested in the subject or are doing research. The database is kept on a Filemaker server, and access is through this link:


Image Database Access



You can access this by logging in as a “Guest Account” - there is no account registration or password needed.


Navigation through the database is largely self-explanatory - the start page gives the 5 main sections, and within each section you can leaf through the pages or use the find, list and sort functions.


The images made directly accessible are not in full resolution due to space restrictions and for quicker loading. But we are willing to share full-resolution pictures on request. The same applies to the literature we have in the archive. Please use the Contact page.


If the link doesn’t work please also get in touch - we are trialling this and and keen to learn how you get on with the service.